Friday, 8 February 2013

Another day - yet I learnt to treasure my life more now

I started off my day by doing SW Project with my classmates.
I was late, damn.

For once, I was pretty not myself.
I was rather quiet. Perhaps it's the first time we actually spent time together. 
Then it poured, made my day worst. I felt.

Someone shared with me her personal life stories today. 
From being in a not-so-welled paid family, to meeting a two-timer boyfriend, then being backstabbed by her loved ones. 
She is really strong, and I admire that she could still stand tall and earn a good place now, with a much better boy. On top of that, she still believes that the world is a good place, and tomorrow will always get better. :') 

Then I realised, I'm so blessed. 
I have yet to experience a really bad thing like hers, nothing came close to it. 
I wonder if I could still be as positive if I were hit with such incidents. 
For now, I want you to know you are really a beautiful one. We aren't born to make everyone likes and understands us. If they choose to hurt and not accept us, there's a limit to what we can do. Ultimately, we just have to do what is right to us, and be true to ourselves. :)

My younger brother (handsome right! - he's single by the way, *hinthint* HAHAHA) is enlisting soon, a day before valentines. No more roses from him :(
I know you will do well; remember to eat more!

& he gave me this :D
Strawberry cheese fruit pizza for supper :D

Let me post some over-dued pictures!
I met up with my girlfriend yesterday, Nickie :)
She taught me piano. 
I know I'm really slow when it comes to picking up new things, but she was really patient with me! :')
I love you :)

We had a drink at bucks a few days back, actually to do some work but failed. Damn!

And hey, it's out! JJ Lin. His new album will be released on the 13th March, and preorder starts on the 20th Feb. 4 days after my birthday! *hinthint! HAHAHA.

Do support him! He chose to work with A Sa. :) He's mainly working with people he had worked with for the past 10 years! And of course, some new faces too! I'm so excited! :D:D:D

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