Saturday, 2 February 2013

My favourite melody

JJ Lin has been my favourite artist ever since I learnt to appreciate Chinese Pop Music.

(This live performance during annual award ceremony hits a 2 million views; *proudofhim!*)
Yes, it is precisely him that I learnt to listen and love Chinese Melody.

Favourite singer is a very subjective topics.
I have seen how other fans tried to pull other stars down, but I'm pretty sure people like JJ would not want to see this.
They all have their own talents, and putting others down would not make your idol any stronger, or better.

I like JJ a lot, how he ends his note; his tone is just one of a kind, marvellous.
Like FIRST LOVE, JJ Lin's music is my first love.
I could remember humming to his melody in primary school days. :)
Nothing can replace your first love, right? It is like the most beautiful thing, like childhood memories.

Keep fighting JJ, still moving under gunfire. :)
Your music give many of us strength, so dont stop - it'll only give us one less reason to look forward to for life.
I can't wait for his 10th Album - 因你而在。
And if you are staying in Singapore on 6th Feb, remember to tune to 1003 at 10am :D
They will broadcast his lovely piece, can't wait.

The only predictable thing I guess is that it would be flawless. I promise, I won't go too far away from that, because he is JJ.

On a side note, I found this video - sang by A Lin.
This performance of hers give me chills.

It has been a long time since I have heard something so beautiful that touches my heart so deeply.
she sang them beautifully.
Or rather, beautiful is an understatement.

I could listen to them, the whole night. Again, and again.

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