Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Engaging in senseless thought in a lonely night

Bloody move on.
I turned around, and am still turning, too many times.
And yes, it's too tempting.
Now, I'm dreaming for the impossible.
Hopes dashed.
So much so to undo things; so much so to live up to expectations.

You have heard of it; we all did.
That, "nothing is too late".
But what do we meant by nothing?
It very much just is, the twisting the words; forcing to think and look from another.

We all know happiness is a choice.
Yet, sometimes we are just too tired suddenly.
Because to stay happy, we need to think of reasons. Reasons that make our day or anything, better.
And so, sometimes we felt as if we are lying ourselves.
Sometimes we felt that we are a coward who just can't face our own feelings.
So tell me, what is right?

What is right, and what is wrong?
What is then the truth, and what is then a lie?

Confused. Confused?
Can one really be confused with their own feelings?
Or is one just running away from facing their own feelings?

God, this post just makes no sense.

P.s. If you are looking at the moon right now, you can spot Jupiter - as the brightest star - below it :)
Credits to: Kenneth Leong

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