Saturday, 30 March 2013

Confession of a Shopaholic

Finally I can say it like I mean it.
Yet, nah. I have one of the worst outbreak ever and I have to visit a doctor because my face is kinda swollen.

Projects and overwhelming assignments are killing me.
I practically went crazy yesterday and shop for the whole day. Yes, alone. That's why nobody stops me. The pictures below will justify why.

I was actually looking for some formal wear, but I ended up getting other stuff.

Look at the number of carriers OMG.

And below are just some of the items I have got. :/

I realised I have way quite a number of pairs of heels. #shortpeoplefate
Yet many are too uncomfortable for me and I barely wore them twice. :(

And accessories? I'm too lazy to wear them out; my cardboard is full ald. :((
Hahaha; maybe they shall be my new motivation to dress decently to school rather than just pulling a rainbow jacket over because I overslept. BTW that jacket caught too many attention that day. I have people telling me they saw this jacket somewhere but didn't remembering seeing me. The power of colourful cardigan. Yay.

#boringpost; blame my boring day where I lock myself at home. :(

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