Monday, 4 March 2013

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant @ Little India + Mapoti

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: 19 Upper Dickson Road
Contact: 63967769 Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am-10.30pm.

I went for my first Guitar Lesson with Nickie at Cityhall Area before heading for an awesome lunch.
I will post about my lessons some time soon!

We went on a Saturday afternoon and as expected, it was super crowded.
I called them in the day to make reservations, but I guess there were some miscommunications?
It turned out that they have no reservations on the weekends. Not too sure about weekdays though.

ONLY WALK IN; so be prepared to wait.
Albeit I felt it was worth the wait.

The food was extremely good; or perhaps we were too hungry then!

Dish: Gado Gado
Price: $7.50
Rate: 7/10
I felt that the sauce was a little too sweet for my taste.

Dish: Malai Kofta
Price: $10.00
Rate: 8.5/10
It was something very different, quite refreshing.
But it was a little too creamy.

Dish: Mushroom Kurma
Price: $9.00
Rate: 7/10
Same sauce base as Malai Kofta and the waiter didn't warn us about it. Meh. :(
And I felt it was a little too pricy for that few pieces of mushrooms.
Maybe Curry Kurma will make a better deal!

Dish: Nasi Goreng Kampung
Price: $7.50
Rate: 9/10
Yummy! Love the chilli especially although I'm not a someone who can really ta han spicy food. :X
Still, it taste good! 

It started pouring not long after Aaron arrived; so we started entertaining ourselves with Ryan Higa's latest video: MAPOTI - Most Annoying People on the Internet 

& I fall into almost all the category he mentioned - a true real MAPOTI. 
Why am I degrading myself to this level? 

And here's another one in response to his video: Expectations V.S. Reality: Romance
Nickie and I were actually complaining how the above 2 don't behave like a couple at all. Argh!

Another good video for some laughter :D 

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