Friday, 8 March 2013

Singapore Chinggay 2013

 It's my first year volunteering for Chinggay for crowd control.

We went for cupcakes before starting work! :D

I love the Red Velvet (Extreme Top) and the Cookies and Cream so so much!

 Am so glad I made the right choice to join them this year!

I had so much fun, not only when doing my duty (that CISCO uncle and aunty were so entertaining!), but also I get to watch the performance!

Was initially watching the performance at the free standing area - but not a good view.
So ...

We went gate crashing!
Literally went to where the audience were.

We were so close to the performers! :D

Desmond, Miao Hui, Song qi and I! :D

I'm actually pointing to the fireworks behind! LOL

Photo Credit: Jon!

I didn't manage to take any good photos with my damn S3.
So if you would like to enjoy better and nicer Chinggay photos, do click the following link:

Remember to hit the like button if you think it's well taken! :D
Appreciate that!

It was a tiring but fruitful day!
Desmond introduced this 4pic1word game to me and now I'm so addicted to it. >.<
We were so desperate to solve that question we actually randomly approached a stranger for assistance! Desmond claimed that he saw him playing the same game too. LOL.
Making friends just like that uh; 21st Century people ~

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