Thursday, 28 March 2013

Crew in Action - happy day!

SSA1208: Everyday life of Chinese Singaporeans require us to do a film!
Xing Jun, Ariel and I chose Kwan Im Temple as our site and we do some visiting last week to conduct our interviews and so.

Okay, putting aside the nasty stuff like getting scolded for recording illegally (meh), it wasn't such a bad day after all.

Reason No. 1: A kind ladyboss treated me to dinner!
She's super adorable I swear.

Kwan Im Vegetarian Restaurant.
Location: 190 Waterloo Street 187965 
Contact Number: 63382394 
Operating Hours: 0830-2030 Daily 

Focus on Cantonese Cuisines

Dish: Udong (Black Pepper)
Although the serving was a little small, perhaps I was too hungry!, it tasted good!
Price: $6.50

With a range of desserts too. Looking good!
I will definitely pay them a visit again some time soon!

Reason No 2: 
It was my first time there, pathetic. Local tourist indeed.
And I was amazed how big the place is, and I love the smell of the books!
I had so much fun looking through microfilms for archives. #likeakid
I am thankful Xing Jun was with me. She knows so much more. Thank you for guiding me baby!

Reason No 3: Good Food, again! :D 
Yes, you got it right!
We visited Herbivore for dinner! :D

We were rather late though; and they were like chasing us off. :(

I know I have blogged about Herbivore ample times!
Though their food is really pricy, I really like the food there <3 :D



  1. P.S. For those considering SSA 1208 for Singapore Studies, here's what I felt about this module. A lot of time is spent is required in researching for all the information yet you might not get decent grades. There was a crazy bell curve when I took the module. Tutorial is somewhat like lecture where Tutors just do all the talking, no interaction almost at all.

  2. Hi Peck Yong!

    I was doing research for the module and chanced upon your post. I supposed there is improvement in the tutorials this semester :) we actually present our ideas in groups and are supposed to be vocal in class! Well, at least that is my tutor's teaching style. Not so sure about other classes~

    1. Glad to hear that! At least then it will definitely increase the fun factor and knowledge gain through peer learning and sharing; happy for you! :D

  3. Hi i am entering my SEM 2 Year 1 next month and am considering whether to take SSA1208. Is the bid points high? Thanks :)