Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sem 1 Coming to an End!

Oh my, semester one's coming to an end! How fast!
 I could still remember clearly how excited I was for the first lecture, along with Xing Jun.
Yup, I sticked to her ever since :)

Then we will always treat ourselves to good food when we are having Monday Blues or get the TGIF mood!
Managed to meet LahLah for an ice cream date a week or so ago! And I was so happy that day because  she finally admitted to me how much she loves her boy. Awww!

And after decades, I managed to meet this boy. Yes KKH, after mia from me for so so long!
Good chat up session plus his treat, YAY. (Because he was late :O)

Dragged myself out to study on a weekend with Eunice; a fruitful one! Decided to get a Starbucks card too, so pretty with a Christmas Tree. Gonna study with her again this Saturday! :D

My fellow World Religion Mates. They are cool people, smart and nice! :D

Not forgetting my beloved Social Work team! 

Worked hard together and we achieved a B+ for our project. So so proud of them, of us! :D Shall meet up soon beauties!

Semester 1 has been a delight for me; I have all the nicest people and of course, keeping in contact with my loved ones.
Although daddy's health have yet to improve much, plus all the papers for FASS are driving me crazy (not to mention I'm one in the first place ald); I'm glad I have pulled through Sem1.

I love sem one because of all these awesome people. :D
Days ahead, please be as good!

Heading out to study with Nickie, before a movie to reward myself tonight.
With Jia Min :)

Will be back soon with movies review - including "Ah Boys to Men", watched it with Joshua on Monday.
& to end off,


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