Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Pen this down at 3am last night.

我为何会犯规? 不是说好了吗?
后知后觉才领悟, 只是已陷得太深了。

我为何会犯规? 现在退一步还来得及吗?
我为何会犯规? 爱上不该爱的该怎么办?

Then words came in, music flow. It's so messed up it doesn't even make much sense.
The only product when the writer is confused herself.
Edited to make it sound like one. A broken pieces that pierce through hearts.
It's like you are thinking about her and I'm thinking about you.

It doesn't apply yet it feels like so. Completed my piece without the full melody.
I might have created chords that do not even exist.
And yet so, we find lyrics that best describe our feelings to be conveyed.

When I can't find that one that really do, I write them instead.
I have a good feeling about this; edited version will not be shared.
Only for my dearests.

Much love, please be safe.
Till I see you again, I miss you so dearly.

Met Aaron before he flew off. I know it's just 21 days.
Blame it on Yan Shen, said that we would meet after exams.
Yet, the next thing he's not returning. Damn.
Shouldn't have made such assumptions that we would definitely have time for our dearests when we are free.
Things don't always go the way you want it to.
Lesson learnt: Stop with whatever you are busy with; turn and show concern for your loved ones. Before it's too late.

Shall end it with a lighter note, I have completed three papers.
So another three to go; one on a Thursday Evening and another on a Friday morning. #Badtimetable.

I can smell the sweetness of holiday approaching I can't wait.

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