Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy 10-11-12 :D

Decided to spend this special date fruitfully - study day!

Headed to Woodlands Regional Library and was surprised to find a couple of seats. Perhaps it's because the O level students have completed their papers. Yay!
Joshua Oh was sleeping like idk what when he was the one who initiated this study session. Tsk.

Shall share what some interesting things I've learnt today:

1. The three faces of Eve: Eve white was the original dominant personality - bland, quiet, and serious. She had knowledge of her second personality, Eve Black - mischievous, uninhibited. Eve black would emerge at the most inappropriate times, leaving Eve White with hangovers, bills, etc.
This is the interesting part. During treatment, a third personality, Jane, emerged - more mature than the other two. She has developed as a result of therapy. But too, others criticized therapy has worsened dissociative identity disorder (DID), creating more identities, alternate identities. Hmm.

2. DID is usually a social construction! Rather than being a single person with many conflicting feelings etc, the individual compartmentalizes different aspects if the self into independent identities. People adopt this to make sense of their experiences.

Okay shall not bore you with these stuff - psychology ~

Went for a TeaBreak after.
I'm supposed to have a healthy meal - given that I've been sleeping at weird timing these days (biological clock is screwed) - like the bowl of fruits, or strawberries!

Butttttttt. I had craving for Chessecake, and so. Oops. Plus Longan Punch!
Plus J gave me snickers after. #guilty.
Thanks for the treat btw! :D

Was struggling if I should go for a jog with J, but it was too late. Maybe tmr morning? See what time I'm in bed tonight I guess! :)

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