Friday, 16 November 2012

They gave me the questions which i don't know; so i wrote answers which they don't know.

A week ago felt so recent, yet things differ critically. 
Maybe not to anyone else, but just myself.

Perhaps I have been reading to much into words; perhaps I have been over-sensitive; perhaps I am confused myself; perhaps I was just seeking for something comforting; perhaps I was drained; perhaps I am living in deception; perhaps I am in a Matrix World, and someone decided to do some alteration to my world - after effect from too many Philosophy readings. #MatrixWorldpleasedontexist!
Okay, to think that I'm still in the mood to joke conceivably suggests I don't feel so bad from within. Must be my monthly friend's visit, making me more emotional than usual. LOL

I was just speculating, because they are stuck in my head I can't seem to contemplate.

Would things change one bit if I reacted differently? Would I ever have an answer to all my uncertainties?

Dear Finals please come and go soon...
I need a break from you, not to mention that I have yet to study diligently.
I have great plans ahead, so give me my vacation soon!

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