Monday, 19 November 2012

Girls' Talk not advisable!

Introducing my new favourite; GREEN TEA LATTE!
I fall in love with my first mouth; & I kept acting like a kid after.
I kept reiterating that I am so blissful because this particular drink just make me feel that way, make my entire day such a lovely one.
There were so many people in Starbucks that day. As good citizens, we do not want to hold up that place, so we decided to head to library after awhile.
Eunice was complaining that Starbucks was really stuffy then; I blamed the weather.

Library was a more conducive environment anyway; we studied at the café. It was not too quiet, nor too noisy, just nice.
Did I mention I couldn’t stay in a too quiet environment for too long? I would never step into the reading room unless I as last resort. It’s like you could hear so clearly when anyone just flip their books. That’s bad, to me.
Anyway, there was this group of girls who were having a really weird conversation at the Starbucks. I didn’t mean to eardrop, but apparently they were talking too loudly that I couldn’t focus on my revision. Damn.
I have no idea why they are holding a meeting there; one of the girls was confused if she had sexual activity with a guy that she likes when she was drunk the other day. Hmm.

Okay, moving on. We went Admiralty Place for dinner. Wanted to head to Marsiling Ba Xian Zai, but they were closed down. I didn’t even know about it, ohwell.

So we headed to Admiralty Place Food Court instead.

Had girls' talk after; something that I really love but I don't encourage it.

If you did realize, girls like to keep recapping the same old damn thing that’s bothering them.
And it’s not like talking things out that is bad, but rather, not finding solutions to it that is unhealthy. Reinforcing these negative thoughts, adding hatred and making ourselves more boiled is the only thing we got in the end usually.
 So, this time we didn’t. We forced ourselves to admit things, and make decisions on things that are bothering us.
 And one thing, I hate it when girls say story about an event, be it another guy or whatsoever, and add their own elements into every single event.
 Though I have to admit I did it at times too. Bleh. hahaha!

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