Saturday, 27 April 2013

New Addiction: Frozen Freeze (JJ Lin)

Too stressed up with life recently; I have one of the my worst outbreaks recently.

If these images happen to scare anyone in the middle of the night, I'm sorry :O

I have been trying this new mask recommended by peihong jiejie and rongher; hopefully it's suitable for me!
It's from The Face Shop: Aloe Vera. (I'll do a review if it's good alright!)

How long has it been, since you spend time with just yourself?
Each and every day, too many of us are busy doing the repetitive work - waking up, work/school, meal time, off to bed, and the cycle repeats.

Since JC period, I have been leading a life, sometimes too exhausting for me to handle. As a result, I somehow managed to bury most of my inner emotions deep down, well.
Even though so much has happened, I have yet to really face these issues.

And so tonight, while waiting for a late-night bus home, I plugged in my ear-piece, listening to this new addiction. JJ Lin's new song: Frozen Kiss. I have mentioned to some that I find the melody a little too familiar, not in a bad way.
It's a beautiful song, yet some form of pain is inflicted each time this song is being replayed.

Facing that quiet road, memories start creeping in with this melody accompanying me that night. It's not exactly this song that reminds me of a particular someone, but a feeling that I have been missing.
I'm not trying to imply Im desperate for a someone to depend on - in fact I'm happier than in the past, with all the love and care I have now. It's just those night, once in a while, when you starting missing those feelings.

I know this is a social networking site and I am aware I should not post too personal feelings here; I just want to share this beautiful and powerful song, hoping it can relate to another.
It's not exactly being stuck in the past, wanting to go back in time.
I have moved on, because I have learnt. I have learnt the pain of losing someone, I have learnt the pain of regrets.

I listen to a familiar melody, so as to remind myself of the times that I have cried in pain; I listen to lyrics that depicts my situations and feelings then, so as not to hurt again.

I'm gonna quote from my idol JJ Lin, "The antagonizing moments which I used to scream and pray would pass quickly, would be the same moments I eventually miss after the pain has gone away. I sing, to remember these scars, To celebrate these memories."

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