Thursday, 25 April 2013

We can never always be champion, for there is only space for one.

An overdued post (stuck in draft for some reason), but it's a beautiful one so tada!

I'm so thankful for life, for that I'm loved, and able to love.

I fall from the sky some time last week. I was so happy I saw the first A in my days in University, and then the very next day, I received a C+ report.
But I thank god, because then he showed a someone who love and care for me. She brought lunch for me (cooked by her mum aka my god-ma!) to make my day a millions time better.

My mummy came to drive me to school and I managed to witness this beautiful sunset. (Aww, I'm so so loved! Thank you mummy <3)

On a side note, I have lied. (Okay, I finally gonna say the truth).
I actually do like sunset more than sunrise. (I know most of us love sunrise, or it makes no difference to more! But I decided to be different, to stick to my real love for once).
It could be due to that I could hardly wake up that early to catch the amazing sunrise. I know sunrise signifies a brand new beginning, another miracle and full or surprise day waiting for us.
Yet, sunset always mesmerises me a little more.
I dont think sunset means the end of the day; it means a good closure to me. And one signifies another new beginning, that I can look forward to. I like the feeling of anticipating!

I don't know if I'm making sense thus far, but I shall end of with a something to keep me going (that C+ report really hit me quite badly).
As the tile suggests, we can never always be champion, for there is only space for one. But go deep down, find and recognize the champion within our souls, and tell ourselves to be brave, to face the challenge of making sure we finish the race. :) 

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