Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Butterfly Circus: Nick Vujicic

My new favourite book. After my finals!

If you have read my previous post, you would be familiar with him. 
Yes, he's my new hero - Nick Vujicic.

In the midst of this crazy preparation for finals (my hard work better pay off!), the delivery man came and it totally my day.
If flew all the way from Australia and tada - Nick Vujicic collections - ranging from DVDs, to books, and a shirt (Never Give Up! - Definitely something I need quite badly now).

I have watched The Butterfly Circus and I really love the cast.
Butterflies were once a caterpillars.

You are a failure, a no good, only because you believe in it.
As unbelievable as it sounds, and even harder to convince ourselves to think this way, we don't have to let others voices dictate who we are. We are who we think we are. 

A truly inspiring short film and I enjoyed every minute of the cast. Even though it's heart wrenching, it brings me strength and I'm motivated once again. Motivation doesn't last, and so we need to feed ourselves with one - even so daily!

I managed to find this short film on youtube. If you enjoyed the film as much as I did, please support and get the original one here:

Go grab a good coffee and enjoy your night with one of the most beautiful film: The Butterfly Circus!

What else have you learned/been inspired from this short film? :D

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