Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Do you still remember who you love?

Today was such an ineffective day; full house for Starbucks and Library was freezing cold.
I booked an consultation with my tutor, along with Xing Jun - hopefully they can convince me and move on.

I was feeling rather dejected I won't deny. D+ and a A- differ so much; this is just too much.
I was so hoping I wont be blinded with just the academic results; I felt I was so shallow.

In an attempt to make my day a little better (rather than sulking whole night), I went to visit the newly open Fairprice opposite my house (renovated). It is so neat! And much more variety - the first that caught my attention was the myriad brands of cheese!

And so I tried to cook :O
I failed so badly. The pictures below will justify why.
I thought it gonna taste damn good HAHAHA. I think too highly of myself! Well, I had fun while it lasted.

Here I am, listening to my playlist.
This is the first music being played tonight.

Although it is definitely not one of his best pieces, it does bring about a different kind of beauty.

Racing in this ever fast-paced world, how many times have we paused and reflect?
Racing in this ever fast-paced world, how many times have we leave time for our dearests?

When was the last time you had a proper meal with your family?
When was the last time you gave your best friends a hug?

In life, too many of us regrets on the things we did, and we missed.
In this year alone, I have encountered too many deaths, and people contracting major illnesses. It reminded me how fragile one life can be. It reminded me the purpose of life.

I realised I have been cursing and swearing at so many judges/tutors in these recent years. I felt that there were way too many unfairness and there is also so much that I can do.
Then again, 5 years down the road, 10 years down the road, will this results/achievements still matter that much? Will it destroy you? Or will you learn from it and do better?

Yes, I'm reminded. It's not about accepting and being a loser. It's not about not accepting and wanting to take revenge, proving that he/she is wrong. It's about how you GROW in person. It's about how much you have given, and be proud (I mean for yourself) in years to come.

Be brave. Be kind. Dare to love. Dare to dream. Dare to live!

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